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  • Конференцията TELECOM 2018 се проведе в НДНТ София.

  • На 30.11-01.12.2018 г. в Института по Механика – БАН ще се проведе научната Конференция АКУСТИКА 2018, организирана от Национална секция "Акустика" към СЕЕС, Технически университет - Варна, Българска асоциация за обществен контрол и управление на шума, Институт по механика - БАН, Лаб. “Механика, диагностика и безразрушителен контрол”, Технически университет - София, Лаб. “Вибрации и акустичен шум”, СПЕКТРИ ЕООД - официален представител на Brüel & Kjær SV A/S и PCH Engineering A/S.


    pdf Покана АКУСТИКА 2018

  • Electricity 2018 is the Annual Convention of SEEEI in November 7-10, 2018, Eilat, Israel

    Electricity 2018

    Electricity 2018 is the 19th annual international convention of the Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Israel. It attracts hundreds of electrical and energy engineers, seniors from leading companies, the academia, and decision-makers from the industry and governmental authorities. This annual convention is among the largest professional engineering and technology meetings held in Israel. Electricity 2018 offers hundred lectures in the fields of electrical engineering, energy, HVAC, e-mobility, and utilities. The latest technologies are displayed in the exhibition by our sponsors. The relaxed and pleasant venue, Eilat, provides an appropriate atmosphere for networking, B2B meetings, and for business acceleration.

    Electricity 2018 highlights the enabling technologies and regulation which are essential for the ongoing energy revolution, and that were covered in the previous annual meetings.

    Innovations in the energy market will be emphasized in the plenary sessions; it will reflect in the interactive panels and round tables, and will be mentioned throughout the parallel sessions.

    Electricity 2018 brings together the entire electricity engineering and HVAC community; young engineers alongside veterans, practicing engineers alongside researchers, policy making officers alongside managers from the industry. It is an opportunity to meet with the market decision makers, to visit the exhibition which presented new products and the latest technologies. Take advantage of this unique networking platform and get familiar with the latest revolutionary trends that are reshaping the global energy arena.

    For more detailed information visit the website:
    pdf Invitation to attend AMPER 2018

  • Списък на предстоящи мероприятия на страницата на ФНТС за новини и семинари.

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