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  • Наградени доклади в МНК UNITECH 2016 - Габрово.

    Optimization of the lens shape of industrial led luminaire with rotational
    symmetry of the light distribution

    Milko Yovchev, Plamen Tsankov

    Analysis of effect of electric field on water treeing in polymeric insulators
    Mustafa Karhan, Mukden Uğur

    Ethernet system module for monitoring climate parameters
    Svetoslav Kamenov

    Synthesis of a μ controlling device of vibratory bowl feeder
    Stanimir Yordanov, Georgi Mihalev

    Research of radio frequency models in urban areas
    Nikolay Tashkov, Rosen Tsvetkov

    Model for determining the working zone of parallel placed ultrasonic sensors
    Hristo Kilifarev, Ivan Simeonov, Raycho Ilarionov

    Exploring the value in software engineering
    Alexander Iliev

    Optimal solutions for one adaptive search problem
    Mladen Manev

  • На 2-3.12.2016 в Техническия Университет - София се проведе Конференцията АКУСТИКА'2016, организирана от Национална секция "Акустика", СЕЕС, Технически университет - Варна, Българска асоциация за обществен контрол и управление на шума, Институт по механика - БАН, Лаб. “Механика, диагностика и безразрушителен контрол”, Технически университет - София, Лаб. “Вибрации и акустичен шум”, СПЕКТРИ ЕООД - официален представител на Brüel & Kjær SV A/S и PCH Engineering A/S.


    pdf Покана АКУСТИКА'2016, pdf Програма

  • Вестник "Наука и общество" публикува подробна статия за някои от международните конференции организирани от Съюза по електроника, електротехника и съобщения през втората половина на годината - InfoTech 2016, IEEE-PEMC 2016 и TELECOM 2016.

  • Конференцията TELECOM 2016 се проведе в НДНТ София на 27-28.10.2016 г.

    pdf Покана за конференция TELECOM 2016, pdf Плакат “TELECOM 2016”

  • Откриване конференцията ТЕЛЕКОМ 2016

    Posted by CEEC Bulgaria on Wednesday, November 2, 2016

  • From 25 to 30 of September 2016 the city of Varna, BULGARIA, was the host of the International Conference
    The Power Electronics and Motion Control (IEEE-PEMC) 2016
    Modern Power Electronics and Motion Control aiming at Intelligent Solutions


    The Power Electronics and Motion Control (PEMC) conference circulates in Europe as a direct continuation of the same field conferences held since 1970 mostly in Budapest, organized by the Hungarian Electro-technical Association with headquarter in Budapest. This makes this Conference the oldest one in this area in Europe. Now PEMC Council, involving representatives from many of the European countries, controls the organization of the PEMC conferences. In August 2015 the Industrial Electronics Society of the IEEE conferred to the PEMC conference the prestigious name of most important IEEE conference, naming it from now on, the IEEE-PEMC conference.
    The main goal of IEEE-PEMC is to promote and co-ordinate the exchange and the publication of technical, scientific and economic information in the field of Power Electronics and Motion Control. One of the main objectives is the cooperation and integration between the long-time divided Western and Eastern European countries, also expressed in the conference logo. The conference attracts now a large number (roughly 500+) of participants from overseas as well. An exhibition is organized in parallel with every PEMC Conference, offering space for the industry to present their latest products in the field of Power Electronics and Motion Control. In addition to the regular oral sessions, key notes, round tables, tutorials, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, the dialog sessions (enlarged “poster” presentations) present to the speakers a better cooperation among the participants.
    The aim of this 17th IEEE-PEMC conference is to stimulate the findings of intelligent solutions (intelligent power electronics, intelligent control), in order to achieve the Intelligent Motion, Intelligent Mechatronics, Intelligent Sensors and Actuators, Intelligent Robots, Intelligent (more than smart) Micro Grids, Intelligent Power System, Intelligent Energy Generation, Processing, Distributing and Consuming, steadily walking to a better world.

    The IEEE-PEMC 2016 conference in Varna, Bulgaria honors the memory of Professor Istvan Nagy, who left us unexpectedly after giving all his life to the creation and successful implementations of the PEMC Conference. The world lost an extraordinary, both strong and kind person, an enthusiast in power electronics, electric drives and motion control. We shall remember his deeds as a tireless organizer, true friend, colleague and advisor and we shall follow his example.
    We dedicate not only this edition of the conference to the memory of the Late Prof Istvan Nagy but we announce also that from now on, an IEEE-PEMC award for valuable scientific and organizational achievements, “Professor Nagy Award” is scheduled and soon the conditions will be announced.

    The Conference site is at: http://www.ieee-pemc2016.org
    pdf Call for papers for PEMC 2016 - old, pdf Call for papers for PEMC 2016


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