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  • 23rd International Symposium on Electrical Apparatus and Technologies, SIELA2024, organized by Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications (CEEC) and IEEE Bulgaria Section will take place 12-15 June 2024 in Bourgas, BULGARIA and online.


    With the support of:
    Technical Universities of Sofia, Varna and Gabrovo
    Federation of Scientific and Technical Unions
    House of Science and Technology – Plovdiv
    Regional Organization of STU – Bourgas
    "Nikola Vaptsarov" Naval Academy, Varna
    Ruse University “Angel Kantchev”
    Center of Informatics and Technical Sciences at BFU

    SIELA is Technically Co-Sponsored by IEEE. The aim of the symposium is to provide exchange of information and experiences on the new developments, trends and applications under industrial and academic view points in the field of electrical apparatus and technologies, as well as to stimulate personal contacts and fruitful cooperation, especially between industrial and academic institutions.

    1. Field problems, study, design and optimization
    2. Materials and technologies
    3. Low-voltage apparatus
    4. High-voltage apparatus
    5. Actuators and sensors
    6. Power electronics
    7. Transformers, electrical machines and drives
    8. Electrotechnological processes and apparatus
    9. Renewable energy and power quality
    10. Electrohydraulics


    Prospective authors are invited to submit papers on the above listed topics. Each author can participate in at most three papers. A two-page digest for each paper should be submitted together with the pre-registration form. It should contain the title of the paper, authors and contact information, a short abstract, keywords, the main contents of the paper and references. Each digest will be reviewed by two reviewers.
    Accepted and presented papers will be published in the symposium proceedings and submitted to the IEEE Xplore system (List of SIELA conferences in IEEE Xplore), as well as for indexing in Scopus.

    For more information visit Symposium site: http://siela.tu-sofia.bg
    The Symposium's IEEE site: SIELA at IEEE.org
    pdf Call for papers SIELA 2024

  • The 15th National Conference with International Participation ELECTRONICA 2024 will take place in NHST and online.


    30.05-01.06.2024, Sofia, Bulgaria,
    Technically Co-Sponsored by IEEE

    ELECTRONICA is a forum that provides a place for scientist and interested parties to exchange information and share experiences on the new developments, trends and applications from industrial and academic viewpoints in the fields of electronics, information and communication technologies. Its aim is to foster personal contacts and nurture scientific cooperation, especially between industrial and research institutions. Participation of leading Bulgarian and foreign companies is planned. An exhibition and Young Engineers Career Forum is organized.

    Prospective authors are invited to prepare and submit papers on the below listed topics. Each author can participate in at most three papers. The each article should be uploaded on the conference site after registration. The article should contain the title of the paper, authors and contact information, a short abstract, keywords and references. Each article will be reviewed by three reviewers. Accepted and presented papers will be published in the conference CD proceedings and submitted to *IEEE Xplore* Digital Library, as well as for indexing in Scopus and Web of Science.

    Conference topics include:
    - Biomedical Engineering
    - Circuits and Systems
    - Education and Learning Technologies
    - Instrumentation and Measurement
    - Industrial Electronics
    - Information and Communication Technologies
    - Microelectronics and nanoelectronics
    - Power electronics
    - Mechatronic systems
    - Advanced materials
    - IoT applications

    Further details are available on the conference website:

  • Scientists, researchers, doctoral students, interested parties are invited to attended the

    15th International Conference ELECTRON-BEAM TECHNOLOGIES EBT 2024

    Conference EBT2024 is a triennial (now biennial) meeting that brings together physicists, chemists, material and electronic engineers from universities, research institutions and industry who are involved in various studies and applications of electron beam equipment and technologies from different countries: Germany, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Japan, USA, UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, China, Poland, India, etc.

    The conference is one of a series, which started in 1985 in Varna by Corr. Member of BAS, Prof. DSc. Georgi Mladenov and has remained the venue for all subsequent meetings. The success of the events of this series clearly demonstrates that the scientist and engineers, working in the academia and research and development laboratories of industry continue to make contributions to technology development of community life, based on knowledge. The organized event will show a great scope of activities and the big potential of developed technologies to increase efficiency of industrial fabrication, to create new products and to improve the life standards.

    Electron beam technologies celebrate now 80 years from the first machines and industrial technologies based of application of intense electron beams in vacuum. In the Proceedings of Conferences on EBT in Varna, organized during the last almost 40 years is traced the history of ideas, the basic objectives in our field. Personal success of two-three generations researchers could be also seen. Together with the remarkable conventional topics as beam physics and generation, electron beam welding, electron beam melting and refining, electron beam evaporation and deposition of functional coatings and electron accelerator applications for modification of various materials, the flexibility of the conference topics according the subjects of interest of the participating organizations can be pointed by the presented new nanotechnology investigations, a group of sophisticated modern surface treatment methods, additive technologies, as well as the new topic - cyber-physical systems, intelligent industrial system control, data analytica, industrial IoT, cloud computing, digital tweens for electron beam and related technological processes.

    All previous conferences of this series have provided an excellent forum for exchange of results and experience in the development of EB technologies and also were a place for forging human links and for developing learning and understanding between participants. They are also a place to find new partners, cooperation activities, to associate for international projects, work/educational programs and to establish new business contacts.

    Topics covered during the EBT2024 conference will include:
    • physics of intense electron beams
    • electron-optical systems and facilities for measurement and control of electron beams
    • electron beam welding
    • electron beam melting and refining
    • additive electron beam manufacturing, other additive technologies
    • selective electron beam and laser melting
    • high rate deposition of metallurgical coatings
    • electron beam surface modification
    • thermal processing and thin film deposition by electron beams
    • electron beam lithography
    • electron beam curing of polymers and composites
    • ion lithography, ion implantation, laser beam technologies, plasma arc technologies
    • modelling of physical processes during the interaction of charged particle beams with materials
    • applications of charged particle beams and lasers in nanotechnology and nano-electronics, in medicine and industry
    • electron beam equipment design and automation
    • cyber-physical systems, intelligent industrial system control, data analytica, IIoT, cloud computing, digital tweens for electron beam and related technological processes
    • company presentation and exhibition.

    The conference proceedings are published in the

    More information about EBT 2024 could be found on conference website:

  • 2024 International Conference on Information Technologies
    (InfoTech 2024 – 38th issue)

    IEEE Conference Rec.# 63258 will take place on 11-12 September 2024, BULGARIA


    The forum started as a National Scientific School for Young Specialists (1987) in the areas of computing, computer systems and technology, automation and program applications. During the period 1988 – 1990 the Conference was connected with the beautiful north Black Sea resort Albena. Over 80 persons (young scientists, PhD-students, IT specialists, etc.) took part in these issues of the Conference.

    Since 1991 the School-format is transformed into International Conference SAER and English was introduced as a work language for all printed materials. The period after 2005 is characterized by uniting a new event – International Workshop (EG&DP). Two separated Proceedings including over 60 reports in English are published and disseminated in over 20 libraries in the World. Electronic versions of these Proceedings (issues after 2003) are assigned to two databases of EBSCO Publishing (USA).

    Since 2007 starts the new format of the forum – International Conference on Information Technologies (InfoTech). The main goal is to unite the scientific areas of the SAER Conference and information and communication problems of the EG&DP Workshop. The working language for all printed materials, report presentations and discussions is English. Proceedings are spread over 20 libraries in the World.

    More information could be downloaded from the conference web site:
    pdf Call for papers for INFOTECH 2024

  • The international conference TELECOM 2024 will take place at the National Center of Science and Technology (NCST) – Sofia, 108 Rakovski St., BULGARIA.


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